project director: Simon Yuill
original drawings: Chad McCail
development team:
Ricardo Creemers
Stefan Gartner
Eleonora Oreggia
Simon Yuill
sound design: Mark Vernon


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spring_alpha is being developed through a series of modules. Each module is a self-contained project that focuses on specific development issues such as research, software creation, and public participation.

[module 0] blueprints
Glasgow, Edinburgh (Scotland), and Brussels (Belgium)
October 2003 - December 2003

Initial development of ideas, setting up of website.
Documentation of "Agile Process" exhibition.


[module 1] demoville
Amsterdam and Rotterdam (the Netherlands)
January 2004 - April 2004

Creation of prototype, public talks and first workshops.
Documentation of exhibition at the Netherlands Media Art Institute.
Video clips and screen grabs.
Article by Matthew Fuller.


[module 2] research and development
Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee (Scotland), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Basel (Switzerland), Rochdale (England)
August 2004 - December 2004

Presentations of project.
Development of gaming system.
Building studies.


[module 3] SVS
Rotterdam (the Netherlands)
January 2005 - April 2005

Social Versions System - module for tracking and visualising code change in game.


[module 4] spring_city
Huddersfield (England), Dundee and Glasgow (Scotland), Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Tokyo (Japan)
April 2005 - July 2005

Graphics engine, simulation code and models of urban environment.