Social Versioning System (SVS) is a library for developing 'live coding' projects that incorporates revision management and development analysis capabilities.

SVS is primarily being built as the main framework for spring_alpha, a multiplayer game project in which the game code itself is re-written as part of the actual gameplay. A small set of demonstration applications related to this are included with the current release of SVS (version 0.2). These are based on a simple game/simulation system that can be re-coded 'live', and uses a lightweight versioning control system (closer to a Wiki than a full-blown CVS), along with an analysis tool that visualizes the code change and coder-player dynamics.

This website includes tutorials describing the basic application-building components available in SVS and explanations of the 'live coding' game examples which demonstrate how these may be used in a project. The applications section provides examples of applications built with SVS. Information for developers, including an API listing for the SVS library, is available in the development section. Links to related projects and research are provided in the resources section. Detailed installation instructions are also provided, along with the download of the SVS source code and examples.

drawing by Chad McCail, 1998