Package svs_core
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Package svs_core

Core modules for SVS.

Author: Simon Yuill


Copyright: 2005 Simon Yuill

License: GNU GPL version 2 or any later version

  • commands: Provides support for scriptable comamnds in SVS.
    • scriptcommands: Parses string-formatted commands, such as clients might receive.
  • filehandling: Classes for handling filetypes and file io.
    • dataproviders: Classes for retrieving data from different sources.
    • loaders: Shared classes for loading and storing documents.
    • sourcecode: Classes for retrieving and storing source code.
  • gui: Graphical user Interface components for SVS clients.
    • clientgui: Basic Graphical User Interface for SVS client.
    • utilities: Utility functions and classes for GUIs.
  • network: Provides network functionality.
    • clientavatar: Module for generic client object and related utilities.
    • clientuser: This is the module from which classes and methods implemented by a remote client are derived.
    • clustergroups: Handles grousp of clients within the cluster.
    • clustermanager: Provides central management of cluster.
    • packets: Encapsulators for information exchange between clients.
    • services: Tools for handling service lookup and connection.
  • utilities: Provides a set of helper functions and classes for general purpose use.
    • constants: Constants for SVS modules.
    • idbroker: Module for handling unique identifier tags within a project.
    • lib: Library of helper classes for general purpose use.
    • notification: Provides classes for data and event notification.
    • objectmanager: Provides facilities for dynamic object generation and persistence.
  • dev: Handles development processes, such as code management.
    • devlib: The basic classes for handling development, such as code management and versioning.
    • sourcehandlers: Classes for reading, writing and performaing operations on source code, such as comparisons and merges.
  • time: Visualisation modules.
    • timeline: Provides temporal representation and management of visualisation.

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