Package svs_demogame
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Package svs_demogame

Small scale game to demonstrate SVS integration.

Author: Simon Yuill


Copyright: 2005 Simon Yuill

License: GNU GPL version 2 or any later version

  • agents: Simple AI agents for simulation.
  • analysis: Analysis of changes and game play.
  • base_entities: Basic entities for demo game.
  • clients: Clients for demo game.
  • gamecode: Provides a set of utility functions that can be called by game scripts.
  • gamelogic_clients: Clients for handling game logic.
  • gamelogicviews: Display current changes in overall state of game logic, etc.
  • gamesettings: Loads and parses settings file for game.
  • gameviews: Graphical representation of game elements.
  • gameworld: Main manager class for game.
  • gui: GUIs for game clients.
  • players: Classes to represent players within simulation.
  • scripts: Class for handling scripts in the demo game.
  • terrain: Classes representing terrain in demo game.
  • timebasedviews: Base components for views with time-based displays.
  • utils: Utilities for demo game classes.
  • views: Generic base classes for view components.

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