Package svs_simulation :: Package agents :: Module basic_agents :: Class SimAgentProxy
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Class SimAgentProxy

        Entity --+            
BasicSpatialEntity --+        
         SpatialEntity --+    
         SimAgentBaseClass --+

Lightweight client-side representation of agent.
Method Summary
  decode(self, data)
Applies encoded data to self.
  decodeChangeData(self, data)
Applies data to self.
    Inherited from SimAgentBaseClass
Returns string representation of object.
  containsPoint(self, x, y)
Tests if coordinates are contaiend within structure bounds.
Returns maximum x coordinate from bounds.
Returns maximum y coordinate from bounds.
Returns minimum x coordinate from bounds.
Returns minimum y coordinate from bounds.
Returns name for structure.
Returns the bounds of the structure as mapped to the world coordinates.
  handleSimEvent(self, event)
Handles event from simulation.
  setup(self, name)
  startWorld(self, simTime)
Forwards start call from world.
  stopWorld(self, simTime)
Forwards stop call from world.
  updateWorld(self, simTime)
Forwards update call from world.
    Inherited from SpatialEntity
  enterStructure(self, structure)
Called when entity enters a new structure.
  enterWorld(self, world)
Called when entity is added to world.
  exitStructure(self, structure)
Called when entity leaves an existing structure.
  isOverPoint(self, x, y)
Tests if the given coordinates lie within the world bounds of the entity.
  setDimensions(self, dimX, dimY)
  setLocation(self, x, y)
    Inherited from BasicSpatialEntity
Returns encoded representation of self.
    Inherited from Entity
  enterPartition(self, partition)
Called when entity enters a partition.
  exitPartition(self, partition)
Called when entity is leaves a structure.
  exitWorld(self, simTime)
Called when structure is removed world.
boolean isTagged(self)
Returns tag state.
Sets the structure and partition that the entity is within.
  reportChange(self, data)
Forwards data representing change in entity to process handler.

Method Details

decode(self, data)

Applies encoded data to self.

decodeChangeData(self, data)

Applies data to self.

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