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Package svs_simulation.ai_lib

Contains specialised layers and library functions for AI.

These are:

Author: Simon Yuill


Copyright: 2005 Simon Yuill

License: GNU GPL version 2 or any later version

  • affiliations: Representations of links (ie.
  • bdt: Binary decision tree.
  • fsm: Generic classes for Finite State Machines.
  • fuzzy: Implementation of fuzzy logic system.
  • logicrules: Generic logic for AI.
  • pathfinding: Classes for finding with paths in terrain.
  • personality: Representations personality traits of an agent.
  • steering: Steering behaviours for simulation entities, such as agents.
  • whiskerbot: Simple obstacle avoiding movement behaviour based on a bot with four sensor whiskers.
  • goals: Generic classes for goal driven behaviours.
  • logic: Generic logic for AI.
  • pathhandling: Classes for finding with paths in terrain.
  • statemachine: Operational code and management classes for parallel state machines.
  • tasks: Generic classes for task behaviours.

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