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Module svs_simulation.behaviours.behaviourlib

Base classes for behaviours within a simulation.

Author: Simon Yuill


Copyright: 2005 Simon Yuill

License: GNU GPL version 2 or any later version

Behaviour Basic behaviour class.
BehaviourAccessRule Determines which agents can access a behaviour.
BehaviourHandler Maintains a set of behaviours and manages access to them.
BehaviourHolder Holds a single behaviour and controls who can access it.
BehaviourWiki Extends BehaviourHolder to provide wiki integration.

Function Summary
Behaviour createBehaviourFromSVSFile(filename, behaviourClass)
Reads in data file for behaviour and creates it.

Function Details

createBehaviourFromSVSFile(filename, behaviourClass=<class svs_simulation.behaviours.behaviourlib.Behaviour a...)

Reads in data file for behaviour and creates it.

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