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Class TerrainClient

Jellyable --+                    
 Serializable --+                
    Referenceable --+            
        GenericClient --+        
         ScriptableClient --+    
             SimulationClient --+

Client that manages a single terrain partiiton within a simulation.
Method Summary
  __init__(self, name, passwd, tickDuration)
  getDataForLabel(self, dataRequest)
Provides custom handling of data requests.
  getPartitionModel(self, partitionName)
Returns partition with specified name.
  loadTerrain(self, filename)
Load terrain info from local file.
    Inherited from SimulationClient
Sends changes in simulation to network.
Starts simulation clock running.
Starts simulation running.
Stops simulation clock running.
Stops simulation running.
Called by clock to update gameworld.
    Inherited from ScriptableClient
  cmdprivate_clear(self, cmd)
Delete data from client-side cache.
  cmdprivate_cleardeposit(self, cmd)
Delete data held by server-side proxy.
  cmdprivate_deposit(self, cmd)
Deposit data with server-side proxy.
  cmdprivate_disconnect(self, cmd)
Disconnect from server.
  cmdprivate_get(self, cmd)
Get data from client-side cache.
  cmdprivate_getfrom(self, cmd)
Collect data from another client.
  cmdprivate_grouplist(self, cmd)
Gets list of clients in cluster group.
  cmdprivate_listen(self, cmd)
Start/stop listening to another client.
  cmdprivate_logging(self, cmd)
Turns log messages on and off.
  cmdprivate_notify(self, cmd)
Send information to listeners.
  cmdprivate_profile(self, cmd)
Gets profile for specified client.
  cmdprivate_put(self, cmd)
Store data in client-side cache.
  cmdprivate_quit(self, cmd)
Disconnect from server and quit client application.
  cmdprivate_retrieve(self, cmd)
Collect data from server-side proxy.
  cmdprivate_tell(self, cmd)
Sends plain text message to other clients, used for chat.
  cmdpublic_commands(self, cmd)
Get list of script commands.
  commandResultSent(self, result)
Handles result of sendCommandResult action.
  commandSent(self, result)
Handles result of sendCommand action.
  displayCommandList(self, listData)
Displays command list.
  execute(self, commandText, sender)
Executes script command.
  handleLocalCommand(self, inputText)
Handles command script from own interface.
  remote_receiveCommand(self, cmd)
Handles command sent from client proxy on server.
  remote_receiveCommandResult(self, cmdResult)
Handles command result sent from client proxy on server.
  returnCommandResult(self, cmdResult)
Returns result of script command.
  sendCommand(self, cmd)
Sends command to other network client.
  sendCommandResult(self, cmdResult)
Sends command to other network client.
  setWorker(self, worker)
Add delegate class for handling work tasks on client.
    Inherited from GenericClient
  advertise(self, advertPacket)
Places advert for services on server.
  avatarResult_clearDepositedData(self, result)
Received result of clearDepositedData from avatar.
  avatarResult_depositData(self, result)
Receives result of depositData from avatar.
  avatarResult_joinClusterGroup(self, group)
Handles result of joinClusterGroup action.
  avatarResult_leaveCluster(self, result)
Handles result of leaveCluster action.
  avatarResult_notifyListeners(self, result)
Callback for notifyListeners method.
  avatarResult_retrieveOwnData(self, result)
Received result of retrieveOwnData from avatar.
  clearDepositedData(self, label)
Empties cache of data deposits held by avatar.
  clearLocalData(self, label)
Empties cache of data deposits held by client.
  connect(self, group, host, port)
Connect to server.
  depositData(self, dataPacket)
Sends data packet to avatar on server where it is cached for other clients to collect.
Disconnect from cluster.
  errorMessage(self, text)
Handles error messages for client.
  getData(self, dataRequest)
Retrieves data from specified source on cluster, and performs 'callback' on receipt.
Retrieves a list of all clients currently connected to cluster group.
  getLocalData(self, label)
Retrieves local data from cache.
Returns name of client.
  getProfileForClient(self, clientName)
Retrieves profile for specified client from server.
  groupResult_getClientList(self, result)
Handles receievd list of clients in group.
  groupResult_getData(self, result)
Receives result of getData from avatar.
  groupResult_getProfileForClient(self, commandResult)
Receives profile requested from other client.
  groupResult_listenTo(self, result)
Callback for listenTo method.
  groupResult_sendChatMessage(self, result)
Callback for sendChatMessage method.
  groupResult_sendData(self, result)
Receives result of sendData from avatar.
  groupResult_sendDataResult(self, result)
Receives result of sendDataResult from avatar.
  groupResult_startListeningToProcess(self, result)
Callback for listenTo method.
  groupResult_stopListeningTo(self, result)
Callback for stopListeningTo method.
  groupResult_stopListeningToProcess(self, result)
Callback for stopListeningTo method.
  handleDataPacket(self, dataPacket)
Handles data packet received from network.
  handleGroupMemberList(self, groupList)
Deals with received list of group members.
  handleProfileRequest(self, requester)
Responds notification of request for profile.
  handleReceivedProfile(self, profile)
Performs actions in response to profile receievd from another client.
Called after a client has succesfully joined a cluster group.
Client attempts to join cluster group.
Client leaves cluster.
  logMessage(self, text)
Handles log messages for client.
  notifyListeners(self, dataPacket)
Forward data to listeners.
  remote_errorMessage(self, message)
Handles error message sent from client proxy on server.
Retrieves profile for cleint
  remote_handleDataRequest(self, dataRequest)
Responds to request for data from another client.
  remote_notify(self, notification)
Receives notification packets from other clients to which this has registered as listener.
  remote_profileRequested(self, requester)
Receives name of other client that has requested this client's profile.
  remote_receiveChatMessage(self, msgPacket)
Receives chat message from other clients.
  remote_receiveData(self, dataPacket)
Handles data sent from client proxy on server.
  remote_receiveDataResult(self, cmdResult)
Handles data sent, inside makeCommandResult, from client proxy on server.
  remote_statusMessage(self, message)
Handles status message sent from client proxy on server.
  remote_update(self, time)
Handles update sent from client proxy on server.
  result_connected(self, perspective)
Called by server when connection made.
  retrieveOwnData(self, dataRequest)
Collects previously deposited data packet from avatar.
  searchForCommands(self, commandList)
Queries server for clients responding to specified command names.
  searchForMethods(self, methodsList)
Queries server for clients responding to specified method names.
  searchForServices(self, serviceList)
Queries server for clients providing specified services.
  searchForUsers(self, serviceList)
Queries server for clients using specified services.
  searchProfiles(self, profileRequest)
Generic handler for searching client profiles.
  sendChatMessage(self, msgPacket)
Sends chat message to other clients.
  sendData(self, dataPacket)
Sends data to another client.
  sendDataResult(self, dataResult)
Sends data to another client.
  sendHttpRequest(self, url, method)
Sends HTTP request to specified URL.
  shutdown(self, result)
Called by the server when it shuts down.
  startListeningTo(self, sourceClient, listenFor)
Register as listener with another client.
  startListeningToProcess(self, listenFor)
Register as listener to network processes.
  statusMessage(self, text)
Handles status messages for client.
  stopListeningTo(self, sourceClient, listenFor)
De-register as listener with another client.
  stopListeningToProcess(self, listenFor)
De-register as listener to network processes.
  storeLocalData(self, dataPacket)
Stores local data in cache.
    Inherited from Referenceable
  jellyFor(self, jellier)
  remoteMessageReceived(self, broker, message, args, kw)
A remote message has been received.
    Inherited from Serializable
Return an ID which uniquely represents this object for this process.
    Inherited from Jellyable
  getStateFor(self, jellier)

Instance Variable Summary
    Inherited from GenericClient
object avatar: proxy class for cluster supplied by server
string clientName: name for client (uses class name as default)
string clientPassword: password for client (uses class signature as default)
string clusterGroupName: name of cluster group
dict dataCache: store for temporary data
boolean logging: flag to turn logging output on and off
ClientProfile profile: client profile
object worker: plugin class for handling specialised processes

Class Variable Summary
    Inherited from Referenceable
Implements __implemented__ = <implementedBy twisted.spread.flavors....
_implementsTuple __implements__ = (<MetaInterface twisted.spread.interfac...
ClassProvides __provides__ = <zope.interface.declarations.ClassProvide...
NoneType perspective = None                                                                  
    Inherited from Jellyable
ClassProvides __providedBy__ = <zope.interface.declarations.ClassProvi...

Method Details

getDataForLabel(self, dataRequest)

Provides custom handling of data requests.

This should be overridden by extending classes.

getPartitionModel(self, partitionName)

Returns partition with specified name.

loadTerrain(self, filename)

Load terrain info from local file.

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