Package svs_simulation :: Package world :: Module processes :: Class EntityGroupProcessHandlerProxy
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Class EntityGroupProcessHandlerProxy

 ProcessHandler --+    
ProcessHandlerProxy --+

Known Subclasses:
AgentGroupProcessHandlerProxy, ObjectGroupProcessHandlerProxy

Represents remote process handler that manages one or more groups of entities.
Method Summary
  __init__(self, localClient, remoteClient, groupNames)
    Inherited from ProcessHandlerProxy
  connectToClient(self, remoteClient)
Called when client connects to world, forwards necessary data.
Called when client discconnects from world.
  notifyOfEvents(self, events)
Forwards event messages.
  startWorld(self, simTime)
Forwards start call from world.
  stopWorld(self, simTime)
Forwards stop call from world.
  updateWorld(self, simTime)
Forwards update call from world.
    Inherited from ProcessHandler
  addComponent(self, component)
Adds new component to process making sure that it is not already present.
  addToWorld(self, world)
Called when added to simulation world.
  decode(self, data)
Applies encoded data to self.
Returns encoded representation of self.
Return changes that have occurred during last update.
  postEvent(self, event)
Receives change event from component.
  setup(self, name)

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