Package svs_analysis :: Package analysis :: Module entities :: Class CVSDirectory
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Class CVSDirectory

Jellyable --+                
 Serializable --+            
         Copyable --+        
  Unjellyable --+   |        
                |   |        
       RemoteCopy --+        
            CVSEntity --+    
                  CVSFile --+

Represents a directory holding files contained within the cvs.
Method Summary
  addDirectory(self, cvsDir)
  addFile(self, cvsFile)
    Inherited from CVSFile
  setName(self, name)
Sets name and filetype based on filename extension.
    Inherited from CVSEntity
Gather state to send when I am serialized for a peer.
  setCopyableState(self, state)
I will be invoked with the state to copy locally.
    Inherited from Copyable
  getStateToCopyFor(self, perspective)
Gather state to send when I am serialized for a particular perspective.
Determine what type tag to send for me.
  getTypeToCopyFor(self, perspective)
Determine what type tag to send for me.
  jellyFor(self, jellier)
Assemble type tag and state to copy for this broker.
    Inherited from Serializable
Return an ID which uniquely represents this object for this process.
    Inherited from Jellyable
  getStateFor(self, jellier)
    Inherited from RemoteCopy
  unjellyFor(self, unjellier, jellyList)
    Inherited from Unjellyable
  setStateFor(self, unjellier, state)

Class Variable Summary
    Inherited from Serializable
Implements __implemented__ = <implementedBy twisted.spread.flavors....
_implementsTuple __implements__ = (<MetaInterface twisted.spread.interfac...
ClassProvides __provides__ = <zope.interface.declarations.ClassProvide...
    Inherited from Jellyable
ClassProvides __providedBy__ = <zope.interface.declarations.ClassProvi...

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