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Class MessageNetwork

    Listenable --+        
ViewableDataSource --+    
    InteractionNetwork --+

Provides analysis of interaction between players through chat messages.
Method Summary
  addMessage(self, message, updateView)
Adds script to network.
    Inherited from InteractionNetwork
  addAgent(self, agent, updateView)
Adds agent to network.
  addNode(self, node)
Adds new node to network, ensuring that it does not already exist.
  addPlayer(self, player, updateView)
Adds player to network.
  addScript(self, script, updateView)
Adds script to network.
    Inherited from ViewableDataSource
  addView(self, view)
Adds view to data source.
  removeView(self, view)
Removes view from data source.
  updateViews(self, displayData)
Notifies views that the source has been altered and needs redisplayed.
    Inherited from Listenable
  addListener(self, listener, listenFor)
Adds new listener to avatar.
  handleListenRequest(self, listenRequest)
Deals with listen request from another client.
  notifyListeners(self, listenFor, dataPacket)
Forward data to listeners.
  removeListener(self, listener, listenFor)
Removes listener from avatar.

Method Details

addMessage(self, message, updateView=True)

Adds script to network.

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