October 20th, 2005

SVS now hosted on Savannah:

SVS version 0.4 underway.

code changes:

  1. 'svs_simtools' package temporarily removed.
  2. 'svs_examples' becomes separate 'example' package.
  3. 'tutorials' package added - separate from main distribution.
  4. '' package added.
  5. wxWidgets toolkit integrated - see ''.

August 30th, 2005

SVS version 0.3 released.

code changes:
  1. major development on 'svs_simulation' package.
  2. 'svs_simtools' package added.
  3. 'svs_soya' package added (experimental client with Soya 3D interface).
  4. 'svs_tracking' package renamed 'svs_analysis'.
  5. 'svs_examples' package renamed 'svs_demogame_examples' and included in main distribution.
  6. 'svs_core.geometry' package moved to 'svs_simulation' and renamed 'numdata'.
  7. 'time' package added to 'svs_core'.
  8. '' added to 'svs_core.utilties'.
  9. '' added to 'svs_demogame_examples'.
website changes:
  1. new sections: applications, projects, news, research
  2. new tutorial on writing clients for SVS
  3. previous 'examples' section moved to demogame_examples

April 19th, 2005

SVS version 0.2 released.