SVS packages

overview of the various packages within SVS.

description of SVS package structure


Rather than everything being contained in a single package, SVS is split across separate smaller packages. This reflects the fact that not all sections of the system which are required by all implementations of it, and therefore smaller installs can be created where required. This also helps enforce a clear separation between parts of the overall system that are significantly different from one another. As the sytem evolved more packages may be added.

The current packages are: The 'svs_core' package is required by all implementations, it contains basic components such as the networking clients, server and utilities such as notification handlers, and general constants.

The 'svs_simulation' package contains the necessary components of an agent-based simulation system, such as that used in
spring_alpha and the demogame examples.

The 'svs_simtools' provide tools for creating and testing simulation content (NOTE: this is temporarily removed while under re-development).

The 'svs_analysis' package contains components and utilities for tracking and visualising code development within a project built on the SVS framework.

The 'svs_demogame' package contains a basic 'livecoding' muliplayer gaming system with versioning and visualisation capabilities. This is used to develop proof-of-concept demos.

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