Research materials and articles relating to SVS and collaborative coding.

background to SVS

livecoding groups and projects

code-play games
games using coding as play mechanism

social analysis, theory
studies of collaborative coding and FLOSS

code analysis
code analysis tools and projects


Simon Yuill, original outline for SVS [PDF document]


ap, livecoding and autopoeitic code, livecoding Perl script

fluxus, livecoding 3D engine

slub, livecoding performers

supercollider, livecoding audio engine

TOPLAP, livecoding group and online community

code-play games

core wars, game that rewrites assembly instructions in opposing teams systems

GNU Robots, programmable bot game

social analysis, theory

Biella Coleman, The Politics of Survival and Prestige: Hacker Identity and the Global Production of an Operating System

Biella Coleman, High-Tech Guilds in the Era of Global Capital

Florian Cramer, Concepts, Notations, Software, Art

Florian Cramer, Free Software as Collaborative Text

Benjamin Mako Hill, homepage and essays

Benjamin Mako Hill, The Social Production of Productive Freedom: Debian and Ethical Volunteerism

Warren Sack, Aesthetics of Information Visualization [Word document]

code analysis

Bonsai, web-based CVS and development tracking interface.

CCCC, software tool for measurement of source code related metrics.

Cervisisa, graphical CVS tool.

Code Historian, code development productivity analysis.

Codestriker, web-based code review tools.

Codeweb, data-mining analysis of code for software re-use.

CVSGraph, graphic display of code development within CVS repository.

CVSGui, graphical front-ends for CVS.

CVSMonitor, web-based CVS viewer with graph visualisations of code metrics.

CVS Plot, graphic display of code development within CVS repository.

CVSWeb, web-based CVS interface.

DRT, software design recovery/reverse engineering tool.

Free Code Graphing Project, graphic display tools for code development.

gprof, GNU code profiling tool.

GraphVis, graphing library with code structure visualisation capabilities.

Libre Software Engineering, CVS analysis tools and research on FLOSS development

LinCVS, graphical interface for CVS client.

Pharmacy, graphical interface for CVS client.

scarab, code artifact tracking and workflow management.

Smart CVS, CVS client with code visualisation tools.

StatCVS, generates statistical data from CVS repository.

TkCVS, visual interface to CVS for *NIX systems.